Exam Simulator™


"Exam is NOT a practice Ground."

Every top pilot must practise repeatedly in a flight simulator before he is qualified to fly a real airplane.

Exam Simulator™ is designed to allow students to experience success through curated exam papers and effective reviews. Do not make the mistake of taking the actual national exam as a practice ground.

There is only one chance at it so give the best shot.

It is important that your child is accustomed to the experience of solving questions under examination pressure. And the mindset is to make as many mistakes as possible during mock exams and aggressively learn from the mistakes made so that same mistakes are not made during the real deal.

Every mock session is an opportunity to practise scoring under real exam settings.

The best feature of this programme would be that the mock exam papers are reviewed to ensure maximum learning for your child. This sharply improves your child’s retention rate and allows him to improve speedily for the next mock session, incomparably boosting his level of confidence and readiness.

Subjects Offered

O Level: E Math | A Math | Pure Chemistry | Pure Physics | Combined Science (Physics/Chemistry)

A Level: H2 Math | H2 Chemistry | H2 Physics

“The drillings we went through were also very effective for me personally because after I started to slip up in my (school) exams, I started getting anxious during test situations. However, after being through so many exams during the mocks, I started to get more comfortable and found that I could focus much better and think clearer because I wasn’t stressing so much. Ruth and the other coaches are so supportive that I started believing that I could do well which was not the case before and the confidence was exactly what I needed.”
Shida Aslagoff
From U to A – H2 Economics

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