Momentum coaching™


“Scoring A in the next test? Is it really possible?”

In the context of Result Transformation, momentum can be thought of as the force or energy that is gained by taking consistent action towards a goal. When we take action towards a goal, we create momentum that can help us keep moving forward, overcome obstacles, and achieve success. Momentum can also help us build confidence, develop new skills, and create positive habits and behaviours.

Gaining momentum can be likened to a moving train. When a train starts moving, it requires a lot of energy and effort to get it going, but once it starts moving, it gains momentum, and it becomes easier to keep it moving.

The same is true when it comes to Result Transformation. When a student’s results is stagnant (just like an object at rest), in order to create momentum to transform his current result, an external force need to be acted on him. Advo is that relentless external force.

We want to work with your child to score A for the very next test, and boost his confidence in the subject matter and invoke the intrinsic motivation for them to perform, making scoring A an healthy addiction!

Result Transformation can be challenging to get started, but once we take the first step and start taking action through Momentum Coaching, we create momentum that makes it easier to keep going, just like a fast moving train overcoming all obstacles in its course!

Subjects Offered

O Level: E Math | A Math | Pure Chemistry | Pure Physics | Combined Science (Physics/Chemistry)

A Level: H2 Math | H2 Chemistry | H2 Physics

“Advo Coaches are fun! I never thought that I could learn and do well at the same time! Learning with them is a whole new experience; easy learning, easy scoring! You guys are the best!”
Marcus Foo
From F9 to A1 – Combined Science (GCE ‘O’ Level)

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