Smart Drilling™


"Exam is NOT a practice Ground."

Smart Drilling™ is to drill for speed and accuracy in application.

It is about practicing questions with strong awareness. With Smart Drilling, your child is getting exam-ready by making sure that there’s sufficient practice for each type of question that could possibly come out for examinations.  We make sure this happens, so that your child will have enough practice and exposure to internalize the strategies of the various types of questions for each topic covered in the OPCMs.

During drilling sessions with us, we push your child to complete questions within stipulated timings to increase the speed of his thought process during examinations. In addition, we also place strong emphasis on accuracy as we break down solutions in a step-by-step manner for your child to identify where he has stumbled, training him to be more careful.

Subjects Offered

O Level: E Math | A Math | Pure Chemistry | Pure Physics | Combined Science (Physics/Chemistry)

A Level: H2 Math | H2 Chemistry | H2 Physics

“The drillings we went through were also very effective for me personally because after I started to slip up in my (school) exams, I started getting anxious during test situations. However, after being through so many exams during the mocks, I started to get more comfortable and found that I could focus much better and think clearer because I wasn’t stressing so much. Ruth and the other coaches are so supportive that I started believing that I could do well which was not the case before and the confidence was exactly what I needed.”
Shida Aslagoff
From U to A – H2 Economics

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