Transformational Diagnostic Consultation

This is a specially designed consultation that covers 2 key aspects:


Diagnosis of why your child is not getting the results he deserves


Transformation of your child's results instantly during the consultation itself

In this 1-hour consultation, you will:

Diagnose WHY your child is failing and not scoring the A he deserves, even after working hard
  • Understand your child’s current mindset, clarity and whether he is working in the right direction
Show your child the ‘HOW’ to transform his results
  • Discover your child's learning style and how it affects his performance
  • Master strategies in learning that can help him radically improve his performance
  • Identify the mistakes your child is making and how he can get back these lost marks
Create the Unfair Advantage for your child with our PROVEN and POWERFUL Approach that has changed the lives of many students
  • Learn what your child must do, and who he must work with before exams to transform his results
Give your child the opportunity to experience the power of Result Transformation today in just 1 hour
  • Evaluate if your result-transformation partnership with Advo is the one for your child

Connect With Us

Your child does not need another tuition teacher. What they need is an Advo Coach! Meet our top coaches in a FREE 1h-session to find out why we have been able to transform results and lives for the past 15 years!

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