Revision Hackathon™


What is the secret to mastering a subject in less than a month?

In Advo, we approach the concept of “Revision” differently. Revision is boring! We bring the concept of Revision to the next level by fusing the idea of “hackathon” to make Revision efficient and effective!

During our Revision Hackathon, students immerse themselves in the process of “exam-hacking”. Exam-hacking is a term used to describe the process of maximizing performance on an examination by using strategies and techniques that go beyond traditional studying methods. The goal of exam-hacking is to improve performance on examinations by understanding the structure of the exam and using specific techniques to maximize scores.

In Advo, exam-hacking is accomplished through our OPCM® (One Page Concept Maps) technology. Within a short 30 days, we want our students to be able to identify the different types of questions for each topic, and master powerful strategies to solve at least 80% of the questions in O/A level Examinations.

Overall, Revision Hackathon™ is an intensive and collaborative programme, with the goal of helping students learn efficiently and effectively to achieve the most results in the least amount of time. It is about using strategies and techniques that are backed by research and experience to improve performance on exams. By understanding the exam format, practising effectively, managing time, using active recall techniques, and maintaining a positive mindset, students can achieve phenomenal result transformation in their examinations!

Subjects Offered

O Level: A Math | E Math | Pure Chemistry | Pure Physics | Combined Science (Physics/Chemistry)

A Level: H2 Math | H2 Chemistry | H2 Physics

“Right up to the preliminary exam in school, I am still getting a U grade. Despite my failing results and the fact that I am only 3 weeks away from the A Level, Jasmine never lowered her expectation of me and kept pushing me to get an A. She not only taught us content knowledge and strategies never taught in school but also builds in us the good character such as positive thinking and perseverance that will enable us to overcome all challenges beyond A Level! Jasmine rocks!”
From U to A for H1 Chemistry

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