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Results Transformation Programme

The Results Transformation Programme is a coaching program designed to help students achieve academic success by transforming their approach to learning and studying. This programme focuses on helping students identify and overcome challenges that may be holding them back from achieving their goals and provides them with the tools and strategies they need to transform their results in school.

The ultimate goal of the Results Transformation Programme is to help students achieve a transformational shift in their academic performance, enabling them to achieve the results they desire and reach their full potential.

At the centre of our Results Transformation Programme is our proprietary and proven OPCM® (One Page Concept Map) System, which is created from years of exam-hacking and research.

Overall, the Results Transformation Programme is a highly effective programme for students to greatly improve their academic performance, gain greater confidence and self-belief, and develop valuable skills and strategies that will serve them well throughout their academic and professional careers. In other words, through Results Transformation, we transform the lives of students and parents.

The Results Transformation Programme has 4 essential components that work together to help students unlock their full potential:

All Year Round

In the context of Results Transformation, momentum can be thought of as the force that is gained by taking consistent action towards a goal. When we take action towards a goal, we create momentum that can help us keep moving forward, overcome obstacles, and achieve success. Momentum can also help us build confidence, develop new skills, and create positive habits and behaviours.

Gaining momentum can be likened to a moving train. When a train starts moving, it requires a lot of energy and effort to get it going, but once it starts moving, it gains momentum, and it becomes easier to keep it moving.

The same is true when it comes to Results Transformation. When a student’s results is stagnant (just like an object at rest), in order to create momentum to transform his current result, an external force need to be acted on him. Advo is that relentless external force.

We want to work with your child to score A for the very next test, and boost his confidence in the subject matter and invoke the intrinsic motivation for them to perform, making scoring A an healthy addiction!

Results Transformation can be challenging to get started, but once we take the first step and start taking action through Momentum Coaching™, we create momentum that makes it easier to keep going, just like a fast moving train overcoming all obstacles in its course!


In Advo, we approach the concept of “Revision” differently. Revision is boring! We bring the concept of Revision to the next level by fusing the idea of “hackathon” to make Revision efficient and effective!

During our Revision Hackathon, students immerse themselves in the process of “exam-hacking”. Exam-hacking is a term used to describe the process of maximizing performance on an examination by using strategies and techniques that go beyond traditional studying methods. The goal of exam-hacking is to improve performance on examinations by understanding the structure of the exam and using specific techniques to maximize scores.

In Advo, exam-hacking is accomplished through our OPCM® (One Page Concept Maps) technology. Within a short 30 days, we want our students to be able to identify the different types of questions for each topic, and master powerful strategies to solve at least 80% of the questions in O/A level Examinations.

Overall, Revision Hackathon™ is an intensive and collaborative programme, with the goal of helping students learn efficiently and effectively to achieve the most results in the least amount of time. It is about using strategies and techniques that are backed by research and experience to improve performance on exams. By understanding the exam format, practising effectively, managing time, using active recall techniques, and maintaining a positive mindset, students can achieve phenomenal result transformation in their examinations!

July – September

Smart Drilling™ is to drill for speed and accuracy in application.

It is about practicing questions with strong awareness. With Smart Drilling, your child is getting exam-ready by making sure that there’s sufficient practice for each type of question that could possibly come out for examinations.  We make sure this happens, so that your child will have enough practice and exposure to internalize the strategies of the various types of questions for each topic covered in the OPCMs.

During drilling sessions with us, we push your child to complete questions within stipulated timings to increase the speed of his thought process during examinations. In addition, we also place strong emphasis on accuracy as we break down solutions in a step-by-step manner for your child to identify where he has stumbled, training him to be more careful.

October & November

Every top pilot must practise repeatedly in a flight simulator before he is qualified to fly a real airplane.

Exam Simulator™ is designed to allow students to experience success through curated exam papers and effective reviews. Do not make the mistake of taking the actual national exam as a practice ground.

There is only one chance at it so give the best shot.

It is important that your child is accustomed to the experience of solving questions under examination pressure. And the mindset is to make as many mistakes as possible during mock exams and aggressively learn from the mistakes made so that same mistakes are not made during the real deal.

Every mock session is an opportunity to practise scoring under real exam settings.

The best feature of this programme would be that the mock exam papers are reviewed to ensure maximum learning for your child. This sharply improves your child’s retention rate and allows him to improve speedily for the next mock session, incomparably boosting his level of confidence and readiness.

Maximum results minimal time
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The journey with us allows your child to not only experience tremendous improvements in academic results, via our signature programmes, but also experience mindset shifts and greater self-confidence.

“Advo Coaches are fun! I never thought that I could learn and do well at the same time! Learning with them is a whole new experience; easy learning, easy scoring! You guys are the best!”
Marcus Foo
From F9 to A1 – Combined Science (GCE ‘O’ Level)
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