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Power coaching

Power Coaching is more than just tuition. It is coaching for PERFORMANCE. It is fusing mindset and skill set into the specific academic subject matter. We want our students to see the jump in their results in the shortest possible time.

June & September

Power Revision™

Power Revision™ is a proven program specifically designed to coach students on how to identify and categorize the various questions for each topic, and more importantly, to impart them with simple strategies to score.

October & November

Power Mock™

Power Mock™ is all about Speed and Readiness. The program is specially designed to let students experience success through modeling real exam conditions!

Maximum results minimal time
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The journey with us allows your child to not only experience tremendous improvements in academic results, via our signature programmes, but also experience mindset shifts and greater self-confidence.

“Advo Coaches are fun! I never thought that I could learn and do well at the same time! Learning with them is a whole new experience; easy learning, easy scoring! You guys are the best!”
Marcus Foo
From F9 to A1 – Combined Science (GCE ‘O’ Level)
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