Yew Kiin has been working with students since his undergraduate days, to help them transform their results.

He coined the term “Academic Coaching” which infuses life-skills into the academics to impact the lives of thousands of individuals. Since then, he has mentored and transformed students’ grades from F9 in Prelims to Distinction in their final year examinations, even if it’s into just 1 month before the O/A-levels.

For this feat, he was interviewed and featured on Channel 8ʼs “Frontline” and featured in The New Paper for his entrepreneurial success. In the National Day Rally 2012, he was even quoted by Mr Heng Swee Kiat, our Minister of Education of Singapore at that time.

He lived by the mission to provide an education to everyone to live their dreams by bringing the smile back into learning. With that, he is constantly innovating new strategies and chart new directions to change the world through education.

Key Note Speaking

With his years of experience working with Youths and his study on the Science of behavioral change, he has formulated his thoughts on how parents can better assist their children in their academic journey.

Through the years, many parents have sought his advise on motivating students to strive academically too.

As such, he has been invited by organizations for Parenting Talks to empower Parents with the know-how to better assist their children.

For more information about the Parenting Talk, click the button to download the PDF infopack.

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