Unleashing Your Potential

"Success Begins With Mindset"

Advolution is defined as the natural, fun and accelerated process of growth and development towards success. Advolution is a full program that incorporates lifeskills and academics through our unique learning strategies.


Advolution is not about motivation. It is all about unleashing ‘potential’. And everything we do in Advolution is to provide the experiences and conditions for your child to realise that he/she has the possibility to be better, if not, successful!


The journey of Advolution allows your child to not only experience tremendous improvements in academic results, via our Academic Coaching programs and Power Revision Workshops, but also experience mindset shifts and new energy levels through our “Advolution!” Workshop.


With the strengthening of character and mind and the achieving of A1s in their school subjects, advonised students, a.k.a. AdvoTeens, can march on with greater confidence and excel in whatever they are embarking on.

“… I learnt to be optimistic in my life no matter how challenging things I am experiencing are. Also, I learnt the power of gratitude, to whatever I have now, including most importantly, my parents. It is through this gratitude that I start to love my ways of life. Overall, Advolution is a self-enriching course and is guaranteed to make a difference in your life.”
Fang Junkai
Participant of Advolution
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